So who is Filmbit?

2014profilepic_jh_bwMy name is Jan Heilig, CEO of a film production company and living in the center of the universe…Berlin. Curently I am working as recommendet video producer with two of my companies & for about 50% of all EIT digital action lines already, and still growing. I know EIT digital for about 5 years now.

Recently I proposed to Johanna Gavefalk to create a consistent video strategy for EITd, as this is missing for now, including brand guidelines, basic set of video assets & animations and to bring all of this down to one strategic approach, and most of all, to connect all video producers to have an overview who is doing what. I did similar for other institutions and companies already. This has already started, and first assets are done – as well a checklist for every producer – you access it with the button “request a video” on your project’s page.

As well there is a general Video Marketing Concept for EIT digital I will follow: VIDEO MARKETING CONCEPT

My network of skilled filmmakers that already work for EIT digtial covers all continents except Antarctica (we are still working on that one):


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