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Refugermany was created by Memorado during project #hackweek15 #refugeeswelcome. Available in in German, English, Arabic, Russian
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As voluntary helpers we would like to warmly welcome you here in Berlin!


Important topics covered by this app are:

• Asylum procedure
• Housing
• Opening a bank account
• Transportation
• Learning German
• Working in Germany
• Health
• School and kindergarten
• Culture
• Collection of important documents


This app is co-produced by a pro-bono project of Memorado and by FREEDOMUS at Elisabethhaus in Berlin-Mitte. You are always welcome to come and visit in our spare time. We would like to get to know you and help you as contact persons for many areas. At the same time we would like to support you and give answers on all questions you might have right now.

I am a programming enthusiast (so i don't have to say I'm a beginner. I love cinema and some other things

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