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Open phrasebook for refugees

Open phrasebook for refugees



The project is coordinated by the Initiative Refugee Phrasebook, a collective of volunteers based in Berlin and all around the world. Together we are building an open collection of useful words and phrases for refugees who just arrived. The Refugee Phrasebook is a multilingual tool that provides basic useful vocabulary related to the most common immediate needs.Local initiatives are welcome to adapt, print and distribute all contents of this page to support refugees in all regions. It currently contains vocabulary in 28 languages. 

Check REFUGEE PHRASEBOOK INTERACTIVE a small app that use “Refugee Phrasebook“ data and make it available for mobiles devices






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  1. Refugee Phrasebook Interactive | Zukar · 08/12/2015 Reply

    […] small App that take data from the “Refugee Phrasebook“  (thank you for this great work!) and make it available on mobile devices. […]

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