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Refugee Phrasebook Interactive

Refugee Phrasebook Interactive

refugee_frasebook_interactiveA small App that take data from the Refugee Phrasebook  (thank you for this great work!) and make it available on mobile devices.
"Refugee Phrasebook Interactive" can  
-be used offline once it was downloaded. (size act, about 2 MB)
-switch between languages without internet-access.

– 30+ languages sorted by continent and alphabet
– more than 1100 words and phrases
– category selection

news and updates on https://www.facebook.com/refugeephrasebookinteractive/


Refugee Phrasebook Interactive is based on logo

I am a programming enthusiast (so i don't have to say I'm a beginner. I love cinema and some other things

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    […] REFUGEE PHRASEBOOK INTERACTIVE a small app that use “Refugee Phrasebook“ data and make it available for mobiles […]

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