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RefuChat_Logo_2 App that helps you to communicate more easily.
 Useful for volunteers, paramedics, refugees, and other people.

You can talk to the app, click at one of the most often sentences or write a new sentence, and request it to be translated and read out. It includes manually translated sentences of the refugee phrasebook, and also the ability to use computer based translation (google translate) to translate yet unknown texts.

Currently supported languages include: German, English, French, Romanian, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, Pashto, Dari.

The android version of this app also allows to record your voice for translations, where we don't have any recording yet. For example, the Farsi texts are read out by a volunteer who speaks Farsi.


RefuChat is based on logo

I am a programming enthusiast (so i don't have to say I'm a beginner. I love cinema and some other things

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