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ARRIVING IN BERLIN  A map made by refugees

ARRIVING IN BERLIN A map made by refugees

“Arriving in Berlin” –
A guide for newcomers

What does it mean to be a newcomer in Berlin? What does it mean to be a newcomer and a refugee in Berlin? These questions are the starting point for the collective mapping project “Arriving in Berlin” – researched and developed by Hamidullah Ehrari, Mohammad Yari, Farhad Ramazanali, Alhadi Aldebs, residents of Haus Leo, in cooperation with Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin.

The map is especially meant to support refugees in answering question like: Where in Berlin do I find free counseling services for refugees? Where can I attend free German classes? Where can I find a doctor who speaks Farsi? Where do I find a library to read, study or have access to the Internet?

It has been developed collectively over the course of several months, during workshops, conversations and reflections, translated into English, Arabic and Farsi, and published online, using an open source mapping tool. The “content” of the maps is based on both the personal experience of the working group as well as pro-active research.


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